Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This is relaxing to me....sitting on the back porch of my In-Law's cabin, feeling the fan blowing down on me & a gentle breeze through the screen, rocking in a rocker,  reading a book, looking at the beautiful lake below.
 Just look at that view! It was a gorgeous day.

We decided to go for a walk with the boys, so we walked down the railroad tracks to the tunnel.
I enjoyed watching my boys & husband act like kids. They walked the tracks, picked up rocks & railroad spikes and took in all the sites along the way.  I just stayed back to take in the sites of the them doing so. :)

Nothing quite brings my boys together as brothers as some fun loving competition and time in the outdoors. Maybe that's why we love it so much. There's no cell phone in the hands or arguing, just pure enjoyment!

They are MY guys and I would follow them anywhere!
We saw some beautiful animals along the way, like this hawk. I think I may have found what he was looking for.....
See the mouse hiding in the rocks? He knew the hawk was there and it was lunch time. Of course, he may have been hiding from this guy!
 We saw several other creatures along the way such as this spider

and this lizard--can you see him. He is hiding and trying to camouflage himself from the surrounding danger.
There was also some GREAT beauty we saw along the way....like this beautiful blue sky above the tunnel
The blooming dogwoods in the yard.......
The gorgeous Red Buds along the walk....
 The tunnel was an inviting darkness....cool in the hot spring sun, mysterious, quiet

Then we took the long road back home. It was a beautiful walk on a beautiful day.

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