Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Running, running & more running

Hunter is enjoying track so far this year--and unfortunately for Dr. Christopher he hasn't been injured! LOL!!!

Track is definitely new to me & something I'm learning to enjoy, but it's a little harder to become engrossed in the meet like a baseball or football game. I think the main reason for that is that you have NO idea what the score is until the end. You know your team won this event or that event, but there's nothing in bright lights telling you who's ahead. There's no "edge of your seat" comeback in the last inning to tie it up and force overtime.

So, each track meet I sit around until the running events start. Hunter doesn't do field events and to keep it going (even though it still takes forever) they do multiple field events at the same time...high jump, discus, shot put, etc. are all going on. It actually kind of seems unorganized, though it is really more like organized disorganization! :) The kids even have time to play games in between this "ninja" game the boys have made up.

Once the running events start, then you can cheer on your team, but since A-team & B-team from each team that is competing are lined up together, you really don't know what place everyone has. Yet, the cheering happens.

Another thing I've learned about track meets is that the parents are more subdued. That can be good & bad, but I'm used to cheering your team on! "Let's go!"  Yet, for the most part the sidelines are quiet, so I sit there not knowing whether to cheer or be quiet. Well, if you know me...quiet doesn't last long! I cheer for my son regardless, then I just say "Go Westview!"

This is a short season sport and it's almost over. I know that Hunter will probably never run track again since he wants to focus on baseball & football in high school, but I can say I'm glad he decided to run this year. He is a good runner and it has helped get him ready for baseball season. According to him he likes it because he "rocks the short shorts"! LOL! That's my (conceited) boy! ;)