Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Okay, so I admit that blogging has been on the back-burner for a while!!!! Sorry to all of my friends who "follow" me since I've given you nothing to follow! :)

Fall is such a great time of year and we are always busy in the fall. It seems that there are just never enough hours in the day to update all the things we do---calendars, facebook, blogs--in addition to keeping up with daily activities. So, the blog has been left alone in the cold!

One thing I really want to work on is getting better at putting my feelings & thoughts into written words. That's why I started this blog to begin with, but I let time just get away from me. I know fall is a time where we should slow down and enjoy the time and that's exactly what I want to do.

All I can say is that I will try to be better about writing down some things and getting some thoughts put on paper. I would LOVE to write a book, but I'm not an eloquent writer and use rather simple words instead of elaborate ones, but it's something I would like to get better at and you can't get better at anything unless you practice! ;)

Hope to see you again soon with some more updates and maybe some good "short stories". Some of the things we've had go on in our house over the years would make for some great "laugh 'till you cry" stories. Any of you who have known us a long time would agree! ;)

Thanks for reading and I'll be back in touch soon!