Friday, February 27, 2009


Although I do love Fridays--mainly because I know I have 2 days off with my family--I really think I should say T.G.I.A.--Thank God I'm Alive. Every day is a blessing....not just Fridays.

Some days, you wake up and it's pouring the rain, your kids are sick, you are sick, things go wrong, and you just wish you could climb back in the bed and pull the covers up over your head! That's just life! You just have to get up and press on and decide it's a good day regardless of the circumstances. Tom Hanks said "There's no crying in baseball!", that's pretty much how it is at my house. Although it is perfectly okay to show your emotions, there's no whining about how bad your life is and how someone else has it better. We run a tight ship! Just ask our boys! :)

I believe life is what you make it. Yes, you're going to have those days where everything goes wrong or things happen that you don't like. What you do on those days determines who you really are. Do you let some little thing set you off in a fit? Do you take out your frustrations on your loved ones? We can all have "one of those days", but next time it happens to you--choose to be happy anyway. See where you wind up at the end of the day. Sometimes we miss a blessing or being a blessing to someone else because we are too focused on ourselves.

Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Flu Bug!

Don't you hate bugs? I sure do! I really don't like any bugs, but the flu bug is my main nemesis right now.

Hunter came down with the flu after wrestling on Tuesday night--sorry to all the wrestler's moms. I had no idea!!! So after having a fever that night and a weird substance running out of his ears (GROSS!) I decided he needed to go to the doctor. After taking him, I realized the source of this weird ear thing was that his fever was so high it was melting his ear wax!!!! I had never heard of such a thing, but understand it happens. At 104.7 I would assume it would be pretty easy to melt wax.

The doctor almost tripped over himself to get out of the room and get liquid motrin and tylenol to hopefully bring down this fever. After Hunter had sucked them down (much to his dismay since he hates liquid medicine) I asked if he should probably take some insulin. Then they remembered that he was diabetic and we discussed how we would treat him at home for the next few days.

Well, after 2 swabs--1 of the throat and 1 up the nose, we got our diagnosis. The flu it was. So now, off to the pharmacy to get over the counter medication to try and keep the fever at bay, something to drink because he was so hot and thristy, and Lysol to try and keep the rest of us from getting this crazy bug, we went home. As I walked through the house fumigating everything that I thought he could have touched, I prayed that NONE of the rest of us would get sick. I am still praying that even today.

He's much better today---but still has lots of body aches. When I call he says he feels bad, but he is also bored. I think the worst part was him finding out that he would be missing the rest of the week of school. :)

Well, off to call and check on him again. Hopefully if you hate bugs like I do, you won't get this one!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Okay--trying this again.

It's been a while since I updated the Marcum blog. I'm not too good at this. I can update Facebook every day, but I'm just not very good at writing a lot of things that are everyday. At least on FB I only have to write a few words to update. :)

Well, here goes. A lot has gone on in our lives since the last post for sure! We purchased our first house at the end of last June. We've been married 16 years, but this is the first house we've ever owned together. It was such a wonderful process and we have been blessed to be able to do it.

Brian started his first year teaching 7th grade Geography/Social Studies. He is loving it! It was such a blessing for him to get a job right out of school. He also helps coach football and track. He never minds getting up and going to work each morning--those kids are such a blessing to him. He is looking forward to staying involved in the Men's Ministry at church now that he is able to be there.

I am still working as an Administrative Assistant. August will be 10 years at my job! I can hardly believe it. I enjoy my job and it is never boring. I am so happy to have the ability to take my boys to school each morning. That is precious time with them that I am blessed to have each day. Brian picks them up in the afternoons, so they are always with one of us. I am able to see the beautiful sunrise on the trip each morning and I am reminded of God's creativity!

Our boys are growing by leaps and bounds. It's been a wild ride, but they are such fun and bring tremendous joy to our lives!

Chris, after living here for 2 years, decided he wanted to spend his senior year at his mom's. So he moved back to Gallatin right after we moved into the new house. He comes back to visit as often as he can, but with working 2 jobs and school it's not always easy to work it out. He will graduate in May and he then plans on moving back here and attending Walters State to get a degree in computers.

Charley started his Freshman year last fall. He's doing very well and just registered for his Sophomore year yesterday. He will be taking an AP class next year and is excited about the possibility of racking up some college credits while still in high school. He plays on the football and wrestling teams and enjoys both. He plans on attending the Air Force Academy after high school. He also just got his driving permit and is ecstatic! He loves learning to drive, but stay out of his way for a little while. :)

Hunter is in 7th grade this year and really likes school. He enjoys sports and friends and is very social. He plays football and wrestling through school and is looking forward to Junior League baseball starting soon. Hunter has not decided exactly what he wants to be, but knows he wants to go to college at the University of South Carolina--so we are hoping for lots of scholarships! :)

We are blessed to be participants in a wonderful church called Manley! We have enjoyed our entire married life at this church and have some wonderful friends. They are blessings to us and God uses our Pastor to give us awesome words of wisdom. I am still involved in the choir, praise team and also help run the computer twice a month. The boys enjoy the youth department and hanging out at The Outlet!

God has so richly blessed us! How could we ask for more?

That's all for today, but should catch you up on what's been happening! :)
Love to all