Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Okay, so I've been just a bit preoccupied to blog for a little while. Last Thursday, while Hunter was playing a great game (he was 3 for 3 with one being a double, had 4 RBI's and had scored all 3 times on base) he had a play at the plate that turned that great game into something else.

If you closely look at the pictures below you will see how it happened. I was taking pictures as usual--trying to keep my mouth closed, remember? :) So, I got it ALL on digital pictures.

A play was made at 2nd base and that boy got back safely. The 2nd baseman then threw the ball to Hunter at home plate because the boy on 3rd decided he might be able to make it home. You must understand--we were winning the game 20-2 at the time. Although the boy was running home and Hunter clearly had him out and he couldn't get out of the tag, he did probably what most boys who watch baseball on tv would do if they didn't know better.

Hunter's got the ball and is getting ready to make his play.

The ball has kind of bobbled, but he still has control, so he is actually transferring the ball to his open hand (left).

Hunter is blocking the plate (like he should since he has the ball) and is getting ready to apply the tag.
The tag is applied, but the boy doesn't slow down or stop--he keeps going. This is when the break occurs. It actually bent Hunter's wrist backwards. OUCH!

Hunter is falling, but still hangs on to that ball.

Still got the ball, but now realizes something is terribly wrong.

At this point I don't know it's not good. I just know he's been knocked down.

Now I realize that something is wrong, and unfortunately I was right. Hunter's wrist is broken, but he has the great Dr. C taking care of him! Poor Ron has treated everyone in my family....I think we're on the "frequent flyer" list! Ha! :) Obviously this is the point where I stopped taking pictures!
As far as baseball, I think we're definitely done for the year. That is sad...Hunter was having a great year! His batting had come on as well as his catching ability. He has grown and learned over the last year. What we have to concentrate on is getting better, getting stronger and getting back to the game. He still goes to every game and hypes up the team from the dugout! He's very tough! Mom on the other hand just gets sad when she's watching the team play. I gotta get my game face on! :)
I'll update more as we find out more. We go back on Friday and the following Friday. Hopefully we get good news!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Winning isn't everything, but it's fun!

We teach our children that winning isn't the most important thing in any facet of life. We want them to succeed (or to win), but sometimes it just doesn't happen that way. Sports are hard because the focus is on winning--and secretly, you want to win too. Don't lie! It's true. We all have a very selfish nature to want to win.

We've been on those ball teams that we lost almost every game in a season. Seriously, one year we only won 1 game!!!! How sad. Well, this year has not started out great. It's been a far cry from last year where we only lost 1 game and we won the City Championship. That said...we have some talented players on our team, they just don't know it yet. They've got to learn to work together and build each other up.

They're getting lots better. Last night was proof of that. We had a tight game which we won 8-6. I love a game that just goes back and forth--except that part deep down inside me that wants to win. ;) That's part of the reason I take pictures because it's easier to keep my mouth closed if my camera is in front of it!!! Our boys did great and kept working hard to win the ballgame. We had two very closely matched teams playing and it was a great game to watch.

To see my son doing an awesome job his first year in this league and see how much better he is as a ballplayer is great! Is he the "best"? No, not compared to the entire league. Does he have the heart and determination and use his skills as a ballplayer? Absolutely, so that makes him the best in my book! Last night--a double, 2 singles, 3 RBI's and scored all 3 times (thanks to someone else's bat!)