Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hmmm....Can I stick with this

Okay, so a woman whom I consider to be an inspiration to me asked me the other day at a baseball meeting IF I was still blogging. Well, not exactly! I have a hundred reasons why not, but I also have a gazillion Facebook posts during the time I haven't blogged that I have "had time" to do. Really I don't have a good excuse. It's been a crazy few months and I KNOW I am not alone in that. :)

I'm going to TRY to get back to blogging. I honestly need an outlet for my frustrations and I know there aren't people lined up to read my blogs, so this is probably the safest outlet for me. LOL!

Now, to try to decide what my first actual blog will be about......that may take a while. I'll get back to you on that one! Just keep checking back every so often and maybe I will be able to pick this back up and stick with it! Until then.....I love reading your blogs when I can!

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